About AmplifyTech™

Our business was straining its resources trying to manage several systems and applications.
When data is difficult to compile and rely on, it becomes exhausting to run your business.

This is why we founded Amplify Tech: to help you grow and scale.


AmplifyTech is a service line of Amplify Advisors. Amplify Advisors provides business accounting and growth consulting. Amplify’s team believed that mid-markets did not have access to business process and ERP solutions. Amplify saw that better technology help was needed to support scale-ups, mid-market and fast-growth companies in their their growth and strategy. At Amplify, we call this better way, our client experience. Our client experience is relationship-centric. The foundation is our values. The experience that our clients get is represented by our name. We want to amplify. We are focused on growth, scale, strategy, and leadership.


At Amplify, we know that building a successful business is a team effort. We are leading experts in the fields of technology and business. We are supported by Amplify Advisors who leads in finance and accounting. But most importantly, we are real people. We believe in the strength of our communities and we continuously aim to amplify the communities we live in by volunteering in sports and causes we believe in. We are ready to help — confidentially and without judgement.


We selected NetSuite because it excited us. Our agnostic consulting projects that helped clients select a system were showing that NetSuite was the clear winner. We wanted to join the winning team. We wanted to help Western Canadian clients pick the winning ERP with confidence that they had a local partner. We wanted to implement it to support Amplify’s growth too.

Our focus at Amplify (our ‘North Star’) is Client Experience. We prioritize it first.

Enhancing Communities.
Amplifying Opportunities.

Cultivating Connections.


We knew the blind spots that would not fit well with our dedication to Client Experience. We knew that the opposing values were common for technology experts and that we needed to be deliberate in building a culture that would support our epic team.

And it is an epic team. We are proud of the amazing people that work with us as Business Leaders and Technology Leaders. We are part of the Amplify Advisors team which includes professionals that work as Finance Leaders and in our Consulting & Recruiting and support functions. We know that the client experience is what attracts and retains them and that they share our values.

Jesse Ferguson CPA, CA
Chief Executive and Financial Officer | Tech – Executive Leader

Non-Amplify Roles: hockey coach, EOA member, EOA board director, UNB Hockey co-chair, IoT committee member, husband, dad of 2

Hobbies & Interests: golf, family skiing, travel, podcasts & reading

Jamie L. Smith CPA, CA, MPAcc
Chief Experience Officer | Finance Leader Services – Executive Leader

Non-Amplify Roles: hockey & baseball mom (of 2), wife, audit committee chair & treasurer, CPA & TSXV committee member

Hobbies & Interests: golf, entertaining, reading & writing, wine & craft beverages, travel

Joshua Ponton
Growth Consultant

Non-Amplify Roles: friend, teammate & brother

Hobbies & Interests: basketball, snowboarding, travel & music

Sujeet Tiwari
Senior NetSuite Consultant

Non-Amplify Roles: Dad for 1, husband, mentoring for upcoming young talents

Hobbies & Interests: reading books, family outings, exploring nature, exploring the universe and intersteller objects, artificial intelligence (AI)

Ifeoma Nwulu, AAT, ACA, MSc, FMVA

Senior Business Consultant | Project Manager | Business Leader

Non-Amplify Roles: Last child [of six] & altruistic volunteer

Hobbies & Interests: Barre, reading books & listening to film scores on repeat


We build our values based on years of working in professional services at Big Four firms and working in various industries:

  • Connection
  • Candor
  • Courage
  • Curiosity
  • Collaboration


We value connection because our client experience is about relationships. The business leaders that we serve are people first and by investing in them, we amplify their growth. It has two parts.

First, connection is about being generous with our network and our willingness to cultivate connection. Referrals, recommendations, and amplifying opportunities are important to us. We are grateful that we have a network that allows us to do a great job in this.

Second, connection is about communication. We know that being understood is the key to commitment and that great communication is clear, concise, and influences action.


Our candor is based on “Radical Candor” by Kim Scott and “Principles” by Ray Dalio.

Challenging directly without establishing a relationship doesn’t get you heard. If you are not perceived to be coming from a place of kindness and caring, people will just put their defenses on. In these cases no one wins. You might be right, but you have no influence. We understand this at Amplify.

Candor isn’t what people think – it isn’t a license to be blunt, frank or a devil’s advocate in a way that presents like an a**hole.

Instead, it’s an opportunity to prioritize relationships and for us at Amplify to focus on our client experience. When people know you care and you’ve invested in connecting, you have an open door to speak clearly and to show your curiosity with great questions. When you are connected you have the courage to collaborate, including challenging directly. If done right, you can make people’s ideas better.


Our values don’t have a place for ego. To deliver our client experience we need to be vulnerable. You have to have the courage to not be the smartest person in the room. The courage to not always be right, and even when you are “right”, you need the courage to put relationships and candor first. Courage is about understanding when you need to collaborate. It’s about asking the curious questions.


Our client experience is about the whole business – all areas and all people. We ask questions and have a growth mindset. We bring insight and add value by realizing that there’s always more to learn. Our people are not happy unless they have the opportunity to understand.


While collaboration is a foundational value and can be simple, it’s often the hardest to actually do. Getting the balance right and not spinning your wheels independently and asking for help is important. Knowing that autonomy is a privilege and not a right, can be hard for some to swallow. Recognizing when people need your collaboration even though they didn’t directly ask for help takes insight and effort. Collaboration allows our client experience to go beyond what any individual could provide. It’s the power of the epic team which amplifies opportunities and cultivates connection.