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Our Tech Team has been busy!

Our clients aren’t the only ones who are scaling and growing!  AmplifyTech is too!  At Amplify, we know that building a successful business is a team effort. We are leading experts in the fields of #technology and #business.  We strive to live our purpose at Amplify:  Enhancing Communities Amplifying

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Consistency Matters!

At AmplifyTech we discussed how consistency matters in leadership. In particular, we talked about how kids respond to coaching better when there is consistency. If you are consistently calm, there’s power in that. And if you are intense – having consistency in that can make it inspiring and optimistic.

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Business Process & Automation

CFOs & Finance Leaders of growing businesses quickly add value when they scale the finance and accounting department. Improved business process and automation in book-keeping, financial reporting, financial planning and analysis provide the Finance Leaders with the ability to lead financial strategy and scale profitably. Lower Cost & Complexity

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Executive Leadership – Meet Jordan

The Involved Recruit of Jordan Meet Jordan, a member of our executive leadership team and our Chief Growth Officer here at Amplify. We first met Jordan when he and Jesse worked together at Graf back in the day and they met up again working at Glacier where Jordan was

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