Executive Leadership

The Involved Recruit of Jordan

Meet Jordan, a member of our executive leadership team and our Chief Growth Officer here at Amplify.

We first met Jordan when he and Jesse worked together at Graf back in the day and they met up again working at Glacier where Jordan was the CEO.

We are still serving as the whole accounting team at Glacier today with Jesse as Fractional CFO, Dave as Fractional Controller and Rayann as the Book-Keeper Accountant.

Jordan also assisted with a 2nd client of ours as well – he is very connected!

We are ecstatic that he finally joined us to help build AmplifyTech.

He’s done such a great job setting processes and expectations (and beating the goals) that he is no longer an AmplifyTech team member! (But we held off introducing him and the Tech department until this launch, so he’s included!)

Jordan is now our Chief Growth Officer and a member of our Executive Leadership Team.

He oversees the growth sales and business development for all of Amplify.

He’s still deep in Tech since it is the new baby on board.

Speaking of babies – NOT YET! But he is engaged.

Amplify’s move into technology and NetSuite was a risky and courageous decision.

Having a business leader like Jordan onboard has been instrumental.

Check out the website and contact Jordan to tell him what you think?

We are grateful to have Jordan take on our Chief Growth Officer role with a continued emphasis on AmplifyTech for the interim.

Jordan is a graduate of Mount Royal and continues to be involved with the school.

He graduated with a BBA in Marketing & Entrepreneurship and has that spirit in everything he takes on.

With a passion for sales, marketing, and Tech, Jordan finds many of his favourite things within his role.

Jordan’s career has focused on small and medium businesses and even start-ups!

He’s spent much of his time creating teams and mentoring others, so we are happy to have two business growth specialists under his wing this year too.

He is an avid sports and activity guy when he isn’t building with us! Golf, hockey, the outdoors and much more are great past times, and reading and studying business and trends.


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