NetSuite Solution Provider for Small and Mid-Size Businesses

As the #1 Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, NetSuite powers growth in all of Western Canada’s most competitive industries.

NetSuite Solution Provider for Small and Mid-Size Businesses

As the #1 Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, NetSuite powers growth in all of Western Canada’s most competitive industries.

Be the Business that Leverages the Full Power of NetSuite

Using unintegrated systems, software, and multiple data sources make strategic growth decisions difficult for businesses in any industry. More than a financial management solution, NetSuite helps small and medium-sized businesses drive efficiency gains and cost savings by understanding their performance first. You could call it a foundational management solution.

At AmplifyTech™, we build, implement, and optimize NetSuite ERP systems that improve processes, systems and deliver accurate, on-demand data. As Western Canadas local NetSuite partner, we put your businesses on a path to growth in the shortest amount of time.

Meeting Diverse Business Needs

A true cloud ERP, NetSuite includes a wide array of modules and native integrations dedicated to core business functions, including finance and accounting, operations, human resources, inventory, orders and procurement, manufacturing, demand planning, and many more.

360 View Even on the Go

Get a unified view of real-time operations and core business functions for faster data-informed decision-making. NetSuite’s built-in flexibility combined with deep reporting and analytic capabilities deliver a new level of insight– all from the cloud for increased efficiency and agility.

Cloud Convenience & Savings

Run your business securely through any connected device and eliminate expensive on-premises maintenance and upgrade costs. With NetSuite Cloud ERP, onsite and remote teams can collaborate more effectively for less.

Industries We Serve

Whether your business is pre-revenue, just starting to scale, or continuously growing in the mid-market, chances are NetSuite has a business solution for you. Join more than 28,000 customers running their business on the leading cloud ERP Software.


NetSuite for Wholesale Reduces Mundane Legacy Tasks

Why NetSuite for this industry? In an omnichannel world, rapid changes in technology disrupt every industry, especially in Wholesale. You must continually evolve to meet consumer demands to be successful. When even B2B customers want mobile-ready, self-service tools with instant access to product and purchase information, wholesale companies need a united core business system keeping pace with changes in consumer behavior and technology.

As a NetSuite Solutions Provider, AmplifyTech streamlines and automates processes that transform wholesale companies.


Engage with new and existing customers online. Expand into new markets monitoring productivity at every stage.

Take more orders with less hassle. Get speed and functionality with built-in automation and maximize profits with sourcing controls.

Reduce inventory overhead, cycle times and shipping costs, predict consumer behavior and anticipate disruptions with supply chain transparency.

Sell to new customers, boost productivity, and gain better visibility with NetSuite ERP. Learn how NetSuite automation can transform your wholesale company.


NetSuite for Energy is an Entire System that Meets Unique Business Needs

Why NetSuite for this industry? The time is now. Flexibility is not just a goal, it’s a must-have for modern energy companies who face increased regulation, tougher competition, and higher expectations to innovate and stay relevant. Energy companies with a real-time view can adapt to dynamic industry changes and reexamine workflows to fully align business processes and make better planning decisions.

As a NetSuite Solutions Provider, AmplifyTech helps energy companies evolve with modern advancements to remain prepared for tomorrow.


Gain immediate visibility into integrated financials and marketing performance for budgeting and forecasting.

Ensure security and reliability to process electronic payments and achieve compliance with complete audit trail.

Improve customer relationships with enhanced inventory control account management from a 360-degree view of customer, sales and support transactions.

Gain better visibility, ensure compliance and improve customer relationships with NetSuite ERP. Learn how NetSuite Cloud ERP can power-up your energy company.

Restaurants & Hospitality

NetSuite for Hospitability Helps You Get the Most Out of Your Vendors

Why NetSuite for this industry? With rising food and labor costs in new economic times, the hospitality industry is undergoing a significant shift. Transitions are nothing new for hotels, restaurants, and other service industries. Today, companies who work in this space need a technology partner like never before, one who understands their needs and has their back. NetSuite gives hospitality companies the tools they need to inspire and empower guests and staff alike. Capable of tailoring services to meet real-time demand and automating the customer experience, hospitality businesses get endless room for growth.

As a NetSuite Solutions Provider, Amplify Tech helps hospitality companies increase revenue and streamline workflows that deliver greater value to guests and increase customer loyalty.


Improve the guest experience, increase revenue and customer lifetime value with seamlessly connected operations from time of reservation and Point of Sale (POS) all the way to the back office.

Gain enhanced financial planning and performance across different locations to better control asset management, make smarter pricing decisions and get the books closed faster.

Recruit and retain top hospitality talent, gain high-value industry insight  and achieve better technology efficiency for controlling costs and increased security, scalability, and performance.

Hold onto your best workers, attract new customers and boost revenue with NetSuite ERP. Learn how NetSuite Cloud ERP can accommodate your hospitality company.


NetSuite for Retail Helps You Get Most Out of Your Team

Why NetSuite for this industry? As increased consumer demand, supply chain hang ups, and the rising cost of labor force some retail businesses to downsize, successful stores find innovative ways to stay afloat in this new consumer climate. Today’s shops require a single scalable foundation to adapt to evolving customer preferences and rising costs. A solid back-end financial and inventory foundation requires a unified retail management software system with omnichannel-ready and enhanced processes. Retail companies can sell more goods in-store, online, and from any mobile device while delivering concierge service and intuitive product suggestions.

As a NetSuite Solutions Provider, AmplifyTech helps retail companies exceed customer expectations and modernize the shopping experience to differentiate their brands and build customer loyalty.


Differentiate brand approach while offering exceptional customer experiences, product recommendations, and after-the-sale support across web, mobile, in-store and call-center channels.

Provide visibility across entire retail operations over in-store, web, mobile and call center channels for a single view of the customer and real-time business intelligence.

Increase revenue by controlling turnover and upselling with automated solutions that help anticipate what customers want. Companies with SuiteSuccess benefit from NetSuite’s experience in the retail industry.

Get 360-degree visibility, boost sales and enhance customer relationships with NetSuite ERP’s omnichannel servicing capabilities. Learn how NetSuite Cloud ERP and SuiteSuccess can differentiate your retail business.

Craft Beverages

NetSuite for Craft Beverages Delivers a 360-Degree View of the Entire Operation

Why NetSuite for this industry? Many intricate tasks and processes go into developing a delicious craft beverage, including regulatory compliance initiatives and knowing whether there’s enough inventory in stock to meet fluctuating demand. To keep things challenging, most craft brewing companies are part hospitality company and part distribution company. In such a specialized industry, craft brew manufacturers require a complete cloud-based business management platform to manage their entire business, from purchasing and production to sales and finance to quality control, all from a unified system. To meet the demands of today’s consumers, Western Canada’s beer makers need simplified software that increases transparency and drives efficiency from a single platform.

As a NetSuite Solutions Provider, AmplifyTech implements Crafted ERP, an end-to-end business management platform that streamlines and automates the complex process required to operate a craft beer manufacturing operation.


Beverage makers can foster growth and scalability from a deep focus on specific functionality required for modern breweries.

Increase revenue by producing more in less time. Optimize production while increasing efficiency across every department.

Automate back-office administration with modern features designed to eliminate the need for duplicate data entry while automating routine administrative tasks.

NetSuite + Crafted ERP is the total business management solution for craft breweries, wineries and distilleries. Learn how NetSuite allows craft brew makers to take control of their suds and grow with purpose.


NetSuite for Manufacturing Offers Processes and Systems Designed to Scale

Why NetSuite for this industry? No two manufacturing businesses are alike. Without the proper tools and solutions to specific problems, manufacturing companies would struggle to remain competitive amid today’s supply chain challenges in a constantly changing demand landscape. Manufacturers who want to transform their businesses must have greater visibility to manage supply and demand along with vendor and purchasing processes to get the best procurement terms and increase profitability.

As a NetSuite Solutions Provider, AmplifyTech implements industry-leading manufacturing ERP software with the power and agility today’s manufacturers need to support their business.


Expedite estimating and quoting while empowering omnichannel B2B and B2C purchasing with effective sales and marketing campaigns.

Enhance intercompany accounting and accelerate demand planning, simplify distribution resource planning.

Improve product design with better supply chain control and improved relationships with suppliers. Streamline case management and enable self-service.

Through leaner inventory and more control over the supply chain, NetSuite is a powerful and flexible solution for manufacturers who need a competitive edge. Learn how NetSuite builds in lower costs and quicker Returns on Investment (ROIs) for manufacturing companies.

From Start To Enterprise

The #1 Cloud ERP Business Software Solution

Our team of business leaders is there every step of the way to guide you throughout your growth from licensing to customization and training.


We help you select the right solution and guide your business through the licensing and purchasing journey.

NetSuite Implementation

Let our certified consultants and business leaders get to work building, implementing, and customizing your solution.

NetSuite Consulting & Support Services

Get access to consulting and support from our technical and functional experts who have a client-focused approach and a deep understanding of business processes and NetSuite technology. We prioritize your experience and will help you navigate your current NetSuite setup to develop a clear path for business growth

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The entire team at Amplify is amazing when it comes to NetSuite’s knowledge and support. They can answer any question and solve problems on the fly. Very impressed and will recommend them to anybody that needs NetSuite help.”

Adrian Ghira | Managing Partner and CEO | GamTech

Very knowledgeable and realistic, took the time to understand our organization and needs to assist with determining fit for purpose solutions.”

Elyse Colbert | MSP Corp | CFO
The team at Amplify was terrific to work with. They are professionals in every sense of the word. They are able to provide great insight into what our business needs were. Amplify knows what needs to be done and how to do it. I’m looking forward to working with them again in the future.
Jared Dougherty  | Controller | Black Earth
Amplify has been great with leading the implementation of NetSuite in our organization. Everyone on the team is super organized and extremely knowledgeable in their fields.”
Anonymous | VP of Operations
We have been working with Amplify for over a year now for financial services and we have also been on the NetSuite implementation journey with them for a few months now. Our team has been very happy with the implementation team, they are organized, on schedule, and find solutions to problems in a timely manner. We have heard before that the key to an ERP implementation is the implementation team and I believe we have found one of the best ones, Amplify Tech. I would definitely recommend them for NetSuite implementations!”
Anonymous | Ecommerce Retailer
Now that we have it up and running, it is clear that was a mistake. With NetSuite, we have access to the reports and data we need now. I now can run a report and see all my gross margins at all levels on demand. I have a report that tells me the source of every client and whether they found us through a referral, our website or another way. I can dig into my month-end reports to answer any question I have immediately. The ability of our team to focus on Client Experience is far more robust with NetSuite.”
Jamie L. Smith | Chief Experience Officer | AmplifyTech

Western Canada’s NetSuite Solution Provider

At AmplifyTech, we build, implement and optimize business processes using one integrated system. Find out how you can get an instant 360-degree view of your data so you can make real-time growth decisions.