NetSuite: A Complete Cloud ERP for Ecommerce 

Ecommerce companies need powerful capabilities to run a profitable online store. Shoppers have higher expectations and more buying power than ever before. NetSuite‘s cloud capabilities help small online companies grow into big online businesses. 

New Rules, Evolving Priorities, Higher Expectations 

The recent surge in ecommerce activity in a post-pandemic economy forced more B2C and B2B companies to adopt an entirely new ecommerce platform, fulfillment strategy, and delivery approachesor at least improve existing inefficiencies to stay competitive. As more online retailers face evolving supply chain challenges in increasingly competitive sales environments, fewer platforms remain that have the power and capability to overcome these issues.     

Omnichannel Approach 

Delivering an omnichannel experience through a single commerce platform:

  • unifies front-end and back-end systems
  • provides a central hub for order management, customer, item and inventory data 

Improved User Experience 

NetSuite ensures accurate information is delivered in real-time, creating:

  • simple shopper experience, shoppers can browse for and buy products online,  in-store, and over the phone
  • a seamless engagement and buying experience across each channel with flexible fulfillment options 

Streamlined Fulfillment & Returns 

NetSuite Connector helps automate more processes by uniting ecommerce business systems with prebuilt integrations to sync:

  • inventory
  • orders
  • fulfillment
  • returns 

Why NetSuite for Ecommerce?

For online retailers to thrive, convenience and personalization will drive the customer experience and ultimately sales. NetSuite Commerce unifies multi-channel, multi-location businesses with ecommerce, point of sale (POS) solutions, and order management and inventory tools. Ecommerce companies can focus less on day-to-day operations and more on enhancing the customer experience and streamlining their supply chain.  

Satisfied with your current front end e-commerce solution like Shopify, Amazon, or something similar? No worries! You can easily connect these platforms to NetSuite to maximize your financial and operation efficiencies.

In fact, did you know that NetSuite is the preferred Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for Technology companies? Since 2021, 65% of technology Initial Public Offering (IPO) are customers of NetSuite.

Why AmplifyTech?

Intelligent implementations begin with our first meeting and span the entire customer lifecycle for continuity from sales to services to support. 


We help you select the right solution and guide your business through the licensing and purchasing journey. 


Let our certified consultants and business leaders get to work building, implementing, and customizing your solution.  

NetSuite Consulting & Support Services

Get access to consulting and support from our technical and functional experts who have a client-focused approach and a deep understanding of business processes and NetSuite technology. We prioritize your experience and will help you navigate your current NetSuite setup to develop a clear path for business growth.

Resources Available for the Ecommerce Industry

NetSuite is the Global Choice for Ecommerce

From over tens of thousands of global deployments and two decades of experience, NetSuite has paved paths to success and delivered rapid business value in the shortest time possible.  

Olsa Tools has been working with Amplify for over a year now for financial services and we have also been on the NetSuite implementation journey with them for a few months now. Our team has been very happy with the implementation team, they are organized, on schedule, and find solutions to problems in a timely manner. We have heard before that the key to an ERP implementation is the implementation team and I believe we have found one of the best ones, Amplify Tech. I would definitely recommend them for NetSuite implementations!

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