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At AmplifyTech™, we understand that implementing a new ERP solution is a daunting task. As Western Canada’s leading NetSuite Partner Company, we offer on-demand, expert technical consulting (online or in-person) to deliver an unrivalled implementation experience.

We want to ensure you leverage the true power of NetSuite ERP. Our methodical approach discovers the opportunities and pain points of your current system before you spend a single dollar. Once the implementation road map is agreed upon, our highly trained, certified consultants and engineers get to work building your solution. You’ll receive:

  • on-demand access to our local team of consultants.
  • an evaluation and thorough understanding of your current state.
  • your co-developed road map with transparent goals and steps to achieve 100% implementation satisfaction.
  • a “done for you” approach where we build the processes, workflows, and automations.
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When it comes to choosing the right package and solution for your business, NetSuite licensing can be a tricky process. We will make it easy for you by:

  • finding the best Modules, Editions, and Apps for your business.
  • walking you through the entire licensing purchasing journey.
  • helping you decide to build a custom solution, or not.
  • saving costs and time by not under- or over-purchasing the wrong packages.
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We offer training classes and 1-on-1 options to help you develop the technical and business skills needed to scale your business on NetSuite ERP.

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Support and Service

As your local Canadian team, we offer in-person or online support anytime you need assistance. We’re committed to answering your questions to resolve issues quickly and effectively. This includes:

  • Troubleshooting of applications
  • Business process issues
  • Go-live support
  • Questions and answers about anything NetSuite
  • On-demand assistance
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custom development

Custom Development

Let our team of experts help you optimize your current processes or build new ones to create your most efficient ERP, ever.

  • Streamline your current automations and workflows
  • Develop new features, functions and systems
  • Integration of software and applications to your system
  • Implementation of NetSuite Advanced Modules
  • Website and third-party integrations
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