We are thrilled to bring Dylan on to help us bring Client Experience to the sales process and business development of AmplifyTech.

Dylan is committed to Client Experience and facilitating Amplify to build relationships with Growth businesses where we can help with financial strategy, including scaling and automation.

We first met Dylan through Jan Eden, a trusted business affiliate and connector (thank you, Jan for the introduction!).

Dylan brings great energy to our Growth team and he’s been Amplifying very quickly!

Our sales prices for ERP decisions are thorough.

We know it’s a very serious decision and a big spend for our clients.

They don’t take it lightly, and neither do we.

The time they invest in scaling and growing is significant, and this is a big decision for the company and the individuals.

Dylan shared our values and purpose and is empathetic as he learns about the challenges and opportunities, and helps clients discover if we are the right fit for them.

It starts the ERP implementation process off on the right foot!

Before joining Amplify, Dylan had a career in sales. He comes from an entrepreneurial family and is a committed uncle, brother and son. He’s also a committed softball player, friend and community member.

Join us in celebrating hiring Dylan!

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