NetSuite: A Complete Cloud ERP for Ecommerce 

Ecommerce companies need powerful capabilities to run a profitable online store. Shoppers have higher expectations and more buying power than ever before. NetSuite‘s cloud capabilities help small online companies grow into big online businesses. 

New Rules, Evolving Priorities, Higher Expectations 

The recent surge in ecommerce activity in a post-pandemic economy forced more B2C and B2B companies to adopt an entirely new ecommerce platform, fulfillment strategy, and delivery approachesor at least improve existing inefficiencies to stay competitive. As more online retailers face evolving supply chain challenges in increasingly competitive sales environments, fewer platforms remain that have the power and capability to overcome these issues.     

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Omnichannel Approach 

Delivering an omnichannel experience through a single commerce platform:

  • unifies front-end and back-end systems
  • provides a central hub for order management, customer, item and inventory data 

Improved User Experience 

NetSuite ensures accurate information is delivered in real-time, creating:

  • simple shopper experience, shoppers can browse for and buy products online,  in-store, and over the phone
  • a seamless engagement and buying experience across each channel with flexible fulfillment options 

Streamlined Fulfillment & Returns 

NetSuite Connector helps automate more processes by uniting ecommerce business systems with prebuilt integrations to sync:

  • inventory
  • orders
  • fulfillment
  • returns 

Why NetSuite for Ecommerce?

For online retailers to thrive, convenience and personalization will drive the customer experience and ultimately sales. NetSuite Commerce unifies multi-channel, multi-location businesses with ecommerce, point of sale (POS) solutions, and order management and inventory tools. Ecommerce companies can focus less on day-to-day operations and more on enhancing the customer experience and streamlining their supply chain.  

Satisfied with your current front end e-commerce solution like Shopify, Amazon, or something similar? No worries! You can easily connect these platforms to NetSuite to maximize your financial and operation efficiencies.

In fact, did you know that NetSuite is the preferred Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for Technology companies? Since 2021, 65% of technology Initial Public Offering (IPO) are customers of NetSuite.

Why AmplifyTech?

At AmplifyTech, we provide a Western Canadian team to help businesses fully leverage the power of NetSuite and offer unique growth strategies
based on real-time data so you can get a firm grip on your business.

Whether you’re a startup, a growing business seeking Initial Public Offering (IPO), or somewhere in-between, our team of certified NetSuite consultants will help you hit the ground running with your system while streamlining your business processes and systems from end-to-end.

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We pushed off implementing NetSuite at the beginning for COVID, and now that we have it up and running, it is clear that was a mistake. With NetSuite, we have access to the reports and data we need now, which means our team can see challenges before they become issues. I now can run a report and see all my gross margins at all levels on demand. I have a report that tells me the source of every client and whether they found us through a referral, our website or another way. I can dig into my month-end reports to answer any question I have immediately. When you are a people and project business, you can only scale and increase profit by understanding your team’s time. The effort each client and service takes is data I need to make strategic decisions. The ability of our team to focus on Client Experience is far more robust with NetSuite.

Jamie L. Smith

Chief Experience Officer

Are You Ready for NetSuite SuiteCommerce?

Online retailers get real-time visibility across their organizations from a single source of customer, order and inventory data.