The Ultimate Cloud ERP

NetSuite is an enterprise resource planning system (ERP). It is the #1 Cloud ERP – more than 35,000 customers worldwide use it and trust it.

What is NetSuite?

NetSuite is the leading cloud business management solution that helps companies optimize core processes by automating data organization and visibility.

AmplifyTech became an Oracle NetSuite Solutions Provider because our clients selected it as the best system to support their growth. Yet, they were hesitant to work with consultants and implementation partners that weren’t local. We are excited to provide NetSuite to growing businesses all over Western Canada.

What does that mean?

It means that your team can focus on the customer, and sales and operations, and you can focus on your team and strategy because you have access to your enterprise’s information online from anywhere. It is one system for your entire company.

NetSuite is Scalable for Growth

Some of the world’s biggest brands are on NetSuite

20% of Fortune 100 companies use NetSuite

63% of technology Initial Public Offerings (‘IPOs’) are NetSuite customers since 2011

It is software that grows with you

When is the best time to implement NetSuite?

  • Businesses with 10-50 employees are in a great position to scale with NetSuite

  • Organizations earning $1-10 million in revenue with an ambitious growth plan are ideal clients for implementing NetSuite

  • NetSuite is available for clients earning up to $250-$500 million with any number of employees. Entities of more significant sizes often remain and grow on NetSuite too

  • You can implement in under 90 days and pay for your basic modules so employees can get started
implementing netsuite

Many of our clients struggle with too many systems.

Teams waste time with sources of information that don’t talk to each other. They need a modern ERP Cloud System to improve processes and collect accurate, on-demand data.

The problem is that ERP implementation is a daunting task, and without local expert knowledge and support, it’s hard to know where to begin. At AmplifyTech, we build, implement and optimize NetSuite ERP systems to make the transition easy.

We provide a Western Canadian team to help businesses fully leverage the power of NetSuite and offer unique growth strategies based on real-time data.

What is an ERP

An Enterprise Resource Planning system is a technology tool that assists the entire enterprise.

integrated management

It is the integrated management of your entire business 

  • Allows automation
  • Single database
  • Collaborative workflows
  • One source of the truth
  • Quicker decision making

It covers all business processes:

  • Financials
  • Inventory
  • Order management
  • Customer service
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Procurement
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Human capital management
  • Ecommerce capabilities
  • More…….

What is not an ERP?

entry-level accounting

Entry-level accounting systems like Quickbooks and Xero





How does an ERP differ from a ‘tech stack’?

An ERP is not the same multiple applications (apps) that a business uses across functions and processes.

  • Apps often don’t talk to each other

  • The integration of apps can be fragile and require Information Technology (IT) specialists or constant attention

  • An ERP is a central database allowing for insights from cross-service line inputs

  • With NetSuite, you can consolidate and report by region, division, product or other dimensions that you select

  • Automated internal controls are a function of ERPs. The compliance standards for IPOs include financial reporting controls. Operational and financial reporting controls are favourable or needed for other transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, sales, private equity funding, Series A+ funding and other exits or growth activity.

  • An ERP is organization-wide, enabling leaders to get real-time data in one spot.

Why NetSuite?

NetSuite is the ERP of choice for us at AmplifyTech.

We decided to become an Oracle NetSuite Solutions Partner because it is the #1 Cloud ERP.

We use NetSuite at Amplify Advisors and it helps us grow our business.

Don’t you hate it when you can’t decide because you don’t have the information you need? NetSuite users have role-based dashboards that give them timely information accessible from anywhere.

Implementing as early as 1-10 employees or $1-10 million is ideal.

Amplify is also a CPA firm that helps companies scale with financial strategy. We are experts in the areas of accounting and finance, and business. Along with our NetSuite experts, we staff all of our engagements with Business Leaders and, as applicable, Finance Leaders.

NetSuite supports internal controls and best practice workflows that allow you to meet your compliance requirements, efficiently address a timely and successful audit, avoid manual controls and related labour time and costs.

There isn’t a more straightforward system for businesses that need to report consolidated financial statements than NetSuite.

Similarly, organizations that want to analyze and report multidimensional accounting best serve NetSuite. You can quickly ‘slice and dice’ your data by:

  • product
  • region
  • legal entity
  • division
  • service
  • subsidiaries
  • business units
  • channels
  • customers
  • and more.

NetSuite supports more than 190 currencies and exchange rates

NetSuite supports various payment options and global business transactions with customers and vendors

How Does NetSuite Support Growth?

NetSuite is the ERP of choice when you’ve outgrown Quickbooks, Xero or Sage. You won’t get too big for NetSuite and you likely are not too small if you have a strategy for growth.

What is NetSuite Used For?

We know how hard it is to build a team and set up processes and systems to support growth.

NetSuite is for growth entities that need scale. 

  • When you don’t want to hire every time you successfully sell, you need to invest in process and technology
  • NetSuite allows you to handle more transactions, customers, and sales without increasing labour or general costs
  • It provides automation and best practices for your growth

We know what it’s like to be juggling multiple systems, outdated systems, and stale sources of information.

  • Without data you make business decisions on gut instinct
  • When all analysis is manual and tedious it can stall your growth
  • Without investing in automation and processes, your people waste precious time performing the repetitive, mundane tasks necessary to support a cumbersome system
  • And let’s not forget about the hidden costs of adding on new integrations, apps or workflows to your current system

A Growth Story

  • Running a business in an emerging industry can be fast paced. You are building out the business model and focused on increasing the awareness of your brand.

  • When the clients and customers start to come, it’s time to look for financing to fund the next growth stage.

  • The financial reporting that banks need can be very tedious and manual. If you don’t have an enterprise solution that helps you automate and support your team, then you’ll have to do it the old-fashioned way.

  • The compliance expectations of going public are also exhausting when not supported by automation and best practice set-ups.
  • And yet, it can feel too late as you work on the investor decks, the forecasts and the roadshow to finance.

How can you juggle upgrading your processes and systems with competing priorities?

Juggling automation with growth is where NetSuite can be a ‘breath of fresh air’.

NetSuite offers industry-specific experience and expertise

When you purchase NetSuite through AmplifyTech you’ll get a product and an approach that includes leading practices for your industry

The technique accelerates your implementation and reduces the risks. Implementations can take as little as 90 days.

Are you thinking of trying to hang on a little longer without an ERP?

The longer you go without the system you need, the worse it gets.

As you grow, your challenges get more complex and your time becomes more valuable.

Delaying the decision and the implementation will likely result in:

  • Too many spreadsheets
  • Inability to find accurate data
  • Systems that are not integrated
  • High error rates
    • Including billing and invoicing and client-facing communication
    • Reconciliations
    • Reporting
    • Analysis
  • Complex and time-consuming accounting
    • Which delays period-end closes
    • And further delays accurate and timely reporting
    • And leaves no time for value-added strategic analysis
  • And more
complex challenges

More Stories

There are over 35,000 customers that are on NetSuite.

Their stories include:

  • Exponential growth without having to increase headcount
  • Executives understand the big Picture quickly and easily
  • Quick implementations
  • Leveraging the industry best practices included with Suite Success and NetSuite
  • Finally escaping time-consuming workarounds
  • Learning from NetSuite’s industry experience
  • Keeping up with customer expectations

Many businesses are exhausting their resources trying to manage outdated and unintegrated systems. When data is challenging to compile and rely on, it’s impossible to make strategic decisions. Upgrading to a Cloud ERP, like NetSuite, helps you do this.

A Pre-Revenue Start-Up

We have a client that is in pre-revenue that is implementing NetSuite to compete as a local cost-effective data warehouse option.

The key areas that were holding them back and that they wanted an ERP to help with include:

  • A holistic financial and operational platform​
  • Unnecessary manual labour and tasks​
  • Visibility into the correct data

They hired AmplifyTech to implement NetSuite so that they could:

  • Be able to access the correct data in real-time
  • Avoid having to create reports manually
  • Have the ability to automate and streamline their financial systems and process

The package that worked for them included:

  • NetSuite Financials First Module
  • Learning Cloud Support Company Pass
  • Sandbox Environment Cloud Service
  • And general access for four users

AmplifyTech’s implementation and continued support of NetSuite and its financial and accounting function means this pre-revenue start up will meet its growth goals.

A Family-Owned Hospitality Business

Another client is a family-owned hotel in a prime tourist location that found a new local love during the pandemic. Even though the lack of foreign visitors was a challenge for them, they managed to thrive throughout 2020 and 2021.

The business has been running profitably for many years and the owners are looking to scale and leverage that with possible expansions. The growth areas that could help with NetSuite include:

  • Too many applications and systems that are not integrated​
  • No dashboards, real-time data, or digital reports​
  • Manual data entry and labour for basic processes

With the assistance of AmplifyTech and the implementation of an ERP they can now expect to:

  • Pull the data they need to make decisions in real-time
  • Avoid uploading CSV or Excel documents to see real-time reports
  • Make data-based decisions in real-time
  • Automate current manual labour and data processes and reduce errors and reconciliation efforts

The package that worked for them included:

  • NetSuite SuiteSuccess – Hospitality & Restaurants – Standard
  • And general access for six users

With AmplifyTech’s implementation and continued support of NetSuite and their financial and accounting function, they are on the next journey as a growing family-owned and community business.

A Fast-Growing Business

Another AmplifyTech client has been named one of Canada’s fastest-growing businesses. They are e-commerce and sell on Amazon, their website, and elsewhere with international vendors, distribution, and employees.

The challenges that they wanted to tackle to support their continued ambitious growth include:

  • Un-integrated Applications and Systems
  • Lack of Real-Time Analytics and Reporting
  • Inventory Management
  • Demand Planning

With the assistance of AmplifyTech and the implementation of NetSuite, they are prepared to:

  • Access data anywhere and anytime to make decisions
  • Have real-time visibility on their inventory
  • Automate ordering and purchasing system

To get them started the NetSuite package that worked for them was:

  • NetSuite ERP – Wholesale/Distribution & Inventory Module
  • NetSuite – Demand Planning Module
  • Corporate Learning Cloud Support Pass
  • And general access for 11 users
  • They also selected third-party software to help integrate them with Amazon and other partners selling their products

AmplifyTech’s implementation and continued support of NetSuite and its financial and accounting function have set this fast-growing business up to reach even more customers and to evaluate opportunities for continued success.

What Types of Companies Use NetSuite ERP?

All size businesses can find a return on their investment in NetSuite.
Businesses that are focused on growth can use NetSuite to scale.

Large Enterprise Businesses

Large Enterprise Businesses



Businesses that know they need to build a strong foundation for growth find NetSuite a cost-effective option.

  • Implementations can take under 90 days, especially at a start-up stage
  • NetSuite has best practices to ensure immediate success for many industries
  • Industry-specific customization is easy with NetSuite’s built-in business process flows, value-driven dashboards and key performance indicators tailored for your industry
  • Expensive on-premise technology costs and complex upgrades are eliminated with Cloud. Your software is always current and your costs scale with your business.
  • Access your data from anywhere which keeps your team agile and flexible to make decisions and get the work done
  • As you grow you are supported at every stage with NetSuite
  • One system allows you to scale including ERP/financials, CRM, ecommerce and more
  • NetSuite is the #1 Cloud ERP for start-ups
Scale-Up and Fast Growth

Scale-Up and Fast Growth

The best time to implement NetSuite for most businesses is when revenue is between $1 million and $10 million.

It is a foundation that fits for your scale and growth.

  • Financials and Accounting
  • Omnichannel Commerce
  • Order Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Sourcing
  • Procurement
  • Sales & Marketing
  • CRM
  • Warehousing
  • Customer Support
Mid Market

Mid Market

When you’ve grown to a midsize company and you are supporting a larger team and more regions, products and other complexities, it is easy to get slowed down by unintegrated systems and multiple sources of data.

It isn’t easy to make strategic financial and growth decisions when you can’t trust your information to be current or accurate.

You want to be a business that leverages the full power of a modern NetSuite ERP system.

We know what it’s like to be juggling multiple systems, outdated ERPs and stale sources of information.

You’re forced to make business decisions on gut instinct – not data.

Growth is stalled and your people waste precious time performing the repetitive, mundane tasks necessary to support a cumbersome system.

And let’s not forget about the hidden costs of adding on new integrations, apps or workflows to your current system.

While you know you will eventually need it, what are the signs that it’s time to move to an ERP?

  • Your business is growing quickly
  • You don’t have a process, people or automation that has scaled to your business
  • Sales are lost or profitability is slipping
  • Your customer database is not segmented
  • You are preparing to expand your market, product or service
  • You are using ‘old school’ or manual data entry
  • You need custom solutions to streamline your business processes
  • Your management, executives and board need the information to lead growth

What Factors Imply That You are Now Big Enough for an ERP?


If you are paying vendors in foreign currencies or operating in other regions, then you’ll want to make sure that you don’t expose yourself to unnecessary foreign exchange risk or complexity. NetSuite supports over 190 currencies and can be relied on to make it easy to work with customers and suppliers worldwide.


If your business has grown to include multiple legal entities and consolidation is becoming more complex, it is time to move off the spreadsheet and get the support you need. NetSuite simplifies the consolidation process as it allows for multiple business units, subsidiaries and regions on a single platform. Real-time visibility allows you to see multi-dimensional reporting. Your team can look at the data in managing the business, including by-product, service, region, division and more.

Automated Controls & Workflow

Initial Public Offering (IPO) and other growth initiatives, including merger and acquisition due diligence, require a level of control over financial reporting. The compliance expectations can be operational challenges if you do not leverage workflows and automated controls. 63% of technology entities that did an IPO since 2011 are on NetSuite and that is because NetSuite provides the functionality to support meeting the public market requirements.

Why Companies Choose NetSuite

We know how hard it is to select the right system and it is a big responsibility that impacts the whole organization.

AmplifyTech has worked on many “rescue” engagements which proved that even the best system could be implemented poorly and not built to support the business.

Companies choose NetSuite and AmplifyTech because we understand how hard it is to dedicate time and resources to make decisions and implement.

The benefits of working with AmplifyTech and NetSuite include:

Launch a business project, not an Information Technology (IT) one

  • AmplifyTech puts a Business Leader on every engagement
  • Our Business Leaders have years of Finance Leader and executive level experience which allows them to translate the needs of operations, accounting, finance, human resources, sales, marketing and other business users. Our team isn’t afraid to challenge your decisions or ask you to think long-term or practically.
  • AmplifyTech follows a detailed process to ensure clients make the correct business decision. From the sales process, to the long-term support and upgrades, we follow best practices to ensure that the proper considerations are addressed for you and your growth and strategy.
benefits of working with AmplifyTech

We are local and passionate about Western Canadian business. We support growing companies in our community with all of our services. We are leaders in our fields. We have built an epic team of NetSuite professionals, Finance Leaders, Business Advisors and Consultants to support all of our clients as they scale with financial strategy.

Amplify Advisors works with all systems. We are Finance Leaders for clients using:


Why did Amplify launch AmplifyTech and become an Oracle NetSuite Solutions Provider?

Our consulting clients doing system selection projects were picking NetSuite and they thought NetSuite was the best option for their growth because of these benefits:

IT Costs

Real-time Access
To Data


Accessibility Through
the Cloud



Workflow automationWorkflow

Enhanced collaboration


NetSuite especially stands out as the right system for our growing clients, and our own business, because of the following capabilities:

The platform:

  • Is true cloud
  • Has a partner app store
  • Works on mobile
  • Has seamless upgrades
  • It is easy to customize
  • Is a single data model
  • Has all clients on
    the latest version

Our fellow accountants and finance professionals love NetSuite Financials. CFOs and CPAs and their teams use their native and solid capabilities in the following:

  • Financial consolidation
  • Globalization and localization
  • Revenue recognition
  • Subscription billing
  • Dashboards & Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Native customizable reporting

NetSuite is leading in other areas for the executive and operational teams with native and solid capabilities in these areas:

  • Supply chain management
  • Production and manufacturing
  • Sales and marketing
  • Professional services automation
  • Omnichannel commerce
  • Human Capital Management

Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant

NetSuite focuses on one ERP offering and invests in it every year. Oracle spent USD 6.07 billion in 2020 on research and development.

100% of NetSuite’s clients are on the cloud. NetSuite supports over 28,000 clients.

NetSuite has global experience and reaches over 100 countries, tax calculations and reporting, and over 27 user interface languages.

NetSuite ERP System Customization

AmplifyTech works with clients in all industries. Every business has its magic. That ‘north star’ that differentiates it from the competition. The focus area that everyone on the team knows is the priority.

Some businesses have a low-cost approach to the market. Other companies, like us, have a Client or Customer Experience north star. We have clients with community-focused teams and attract employees and customers by giving back to the locals. Other organizations drive business with their purpose and social impact. We have seen other entities prioritize quality, either for their product or service, or both.

  • A business with priorities grows and finds that its brand, service, and products are demanded in the market. At Amplify, we see this focus as core to any strategy. A growing business with a plan and a ‘north star’ has the best chance of meeting its goals.

  • Companies with a financial strategy, processes, technology, and the people to support their strategy are set up to achieve it. These growth businesses keep their relevance and increase their impact steadily. Before long, that growth requires scale. After all, an increase in the top line and revenue and sales does not result in more profit without a financial strategy, process, people, and technology to support the growth.

  • Many of the growth clients we work with exploring NetSuite look at technology once they see steady and reliable sales and revenue. They have a proven business model. Yet, there is chaos or a lack of cash flow or profit. The senior leadership, executive or ownership team is becoming a barrier and is leaned on too heavily. And adding more people or a better process isn’t making a difference anymore. It’s time to look at technology and the systems to be enterprise-wide such as an ERP like NetSuite.

  • Sometimes the idea of implementation is frightening. After all, most fail, and none are all that fun. One of the confusions is how much time will it take? How much will it cost?

One way to control costs and reduce the complexities and time of implementation is to minimize the customization.

And the great thing about implementing an ERP at a stage of growth and early scale is that you don’t have as many processes or policies that can’t change. When looking at a system, what should you customize? And where should you be prepared to change internally? And adjust to match the best practice or ‘out of the box’? In other words, what processes and policies need updating to follow the native system requirements and set up? And what processes or areas of the business are worth integrating a third-party alternative that is ‘best in class’ or customizing to match your current process or policy? At AmplifyTech, we believe that the best customized and invested areas are the strategic ones.

What are Your Areas of Focus?

So, the question is, what is bringing on growth for your business? What is your ‘north star’ or priority? That is the area that you should look to customize in your system.

Low-cost Strategy

If your business uses a low-cost strategy you’ll want to ensure that the processes and policies support it. For example, you will want to keep yourself on top of your supply chain and vendors. AmplifyTech can customize NetSuite to meet your needs and let you continue successfully managing your costs.

Client or Customer Experience

Where Client or Customer Experience is your priority, you’ll want to ensure that you build in feedback forms and critical performance indicators that help you include experience measurements on your dashboards. You’ll want to look at bringing in CRM and SuitePeople options that further support your team in their delivery of the experience.


Where community is the focus, you will want to ensure that you have activity tracking and cost tracking that measure how you impact locally.

A Unique Purpose or Social Impact

Where you have a unique purpose or social impact ‘north star,’ there will be other areas you want to configure or custom to meet your needs.


Similarly, if the quality is your focus, you may need to customize your time tracking or inventory options to ensure that those inputs that define your quality are tracked at the level of detail your team needs.

AmplifyTech + NetSuite

NetSuite provides a straightforward implementation that can be set up quickly in other areas where your business is more aligned to the industry and doesn’t differentiate. Industry expertise is foundational to NetSuite and the modules that it offers, and AmplifyTech has the diverse industry experience to help you configure the system and customize it.

SuiteSuccess industry solutions are built based on feedback and market demands. NetSuite has exclusive and industry-specific add-ons to help companies level up when they implement. AmplifyTech customizes so that you can meet your specific workflows. We handle unique requirements and processes in several industries.

Your implementation is a business project, so we approach it from a Business Leaders’ perspective. We will help you through your issues and pain points and discuss your options.  Together, we will decide what areas are worth the time and cost of customization and where plug and play or native NetSuite solutions are a better fit.

How do NetSuite and AmplifyTech differ with Customization?

Unlike competing systems, NetSuite is easy to use. Many of the accountants, business leaders, and operational teams can configure reports and dashboards independently without the continued support of AmplifyTech or their technology team. NetSuite has robust personalization right out of the box.

You’ll be able to quickly set up:

  • Dashboards by role or department – customized to your personal preferences
  • Reports and analytics – configured to meet your daily needs and strategic questions
  • Integrations – if you have software that your team loves, don’t despair! You can integrate a Third-party Application Programming Interface (API)
  • And more
AmplifyTech + NetSuite

Together with AmplifyTech,

We will work with you to help streamline your automation and workflows. We will help you make the most out of NetSuite, including using its features, creating reports, and learning the system and its functions. Where integration makes sense, we will work with you and the third parties, as applicable, to customize the integration.

Together we will look at your ‘nice-to-haves’ and your wish list and create an IT roadmap that outlines when other modules, upgrades, and integrations make sense for your plans to scale.

For example, you might not want to start with financial analysis and planning and NetSuite’s budgeting tools until you have set up your ERP and become familiar with it. But together, we can make sure that the system is available for your team before your next budget cycle.

NetSuite Pricing & Purchase

AmplifyTech was born from objective system selections. At Amplify Advisors and our alumni firms, we consulted and advised businesses in their decisions on which system was right for them.

We bring that advisory tour sales process and when NetSuite isn’t the right system for your strategy or industry, we are the first to let you know. The great thing about NetSuite and why we became an Oracle NetSuite Solutions Provider is that it fits most industries. And NetSuite is the best choice for businesses focused on growth and where ready to scale.

We will work with you through a structured process to ensure that NetSuite and AmplifyTech are the best choices for you. Our process includes seven steps:

The Right Fit

  • Understand your business and systems
  • Overview of NetSuite & AmplifyTech
  • Alive, high level “Peak” into NetSuite
  • Alignment on Next Steps

Needs Assessment

  • Value Chain Assessment
  • Requirements Gathering
  • Understand your Systems
  • Processes and challenges
  • Alignment on Solutions

Customized Demo

  • Specific Suites and Modules
  • Dashboards and Reporting
  • Workflows and Automations
  • Implementation Scoping

Proposal & Scope

  • Netsuite Solutions
  • AmpifyTech Implementation
  • Statement of Work
  • Contract Review


  • Project Plan
  • Technology Road Map
  • Process Workshops
  • User Adoption Sessions
  • Review and Test Plan
  • Launch


  • Three-stage Implementation
  • Continuous Process Workshops
  • Data Strategy Sessions
  • 1-to-1 Account Management

Assess & Accelerate

  • Advanced Automations
  • Advanced Workflows
  • Additional NetSuite Modules
  • Growth Opportunities

This ‘stairway to success’ helps you be confident in your investment.
We know that business is complex, and you face a lot of hard decisions and challenges.

52% of Fortune 500 Firms since 2000 are gone

To beat the odds against growing companies lasting and scaling for longevity, you need a system that is right for you. And you need the right partner to implement it.

NetSuite has over 3000 hours worth of industry-leading best practices built into the system already.

NetSuite’s pre-defines roles that give users a jump-start

63% of technology Initial Public Offerings (‘IPOs’) are NetSuite customers since 2011

NetSuite is a system that is widely trusted

  • Over 28k customers worldwide
  • Over 4,8k new entities in the last year have implemented NetSuite
  • NetSuite was the first cloud company
  • NetSuite is wholly owned by Oracle, which means its research and development and upgrading are well funded
  • NetSuite has customers in over 215 territories and countries

By 2026 the Global ERP Market is expected to double to $78.4B

To compete, you need to invest in transformation and the enterprise system to support your strategy.

AmplifyTech has designed its implementation partner approach around Client Experience. With over 120 years of business experience and more than 135 decades of CPA experience, we put Business Leaders in charge and not just technology experts.

We design a process to mitigate the risks that every implementation faces.

49% of ERP implementations get done on time

  • Most do not because the project plan isn’t clear, and the partner isn’t prepared or supportive
  • AmplifyTech takes the time during the sales and planning process to ensure that the timeline is realistic and straightforward

50% of ERP implementations fail the first time around

  • It happens when partners do not put business needs front and center in the initial implementation
  • We help these clients. They are fondly referred to as ‘rescue implementations’. The cost of re-implementation is wasteful and frustrating.
  • AmplifyTech approaches all engagements as a business project with a clear understanding of the organization’s strategy and growth plans built into the plan

65% of ERP implementations go over budget

  • Technology consultants love a quick sale even if they fail to let their customers know about hidden costs, extra modules, integration needs or challenges, and customization needs
  • Many partners, even NetSuite ones, are happy to introduce new costs after companies sign the contract and get started
  • AmplifyTech has a ‘no surprise’ promise. We work with you to decide what makes sense in Phase One of your implementation and what should be budgeted and priced after the initial go-live. We are transparent with what our proposal includes and what NetSuite has priced in the project and plan we sell.
  • And we provide comparisons to alternative systems so that you can make an educated decision

Why Work with AmplifyTech and Not Just Direct with NetSuite?

As an Oracle NetSuite Solutions Provider, AmplifyTech can deliver complete NetSuite cloud computing solutions.

We sell licenses, implement, customize, train, support and advise. When you have us involved in your sales process, it brings a supportive advisor and expert into the process. We support you in deciding what modules to consider, what contract to sign and how to structure your implementation and long-term roadmap. AmplifyTech is a Western Canadian local partner, which means that we have demonstrated expertise in accounting, technology, CRM and industries that matter to you. We envision enhancing our communities, amplifying opportunities, and cultivating connections.

Enhancing Communities

  • As a local employer, we have experts that work in your time zone or within an hour
  • We are a short plane ride or a good car drive away
  • We are willing to match your culture and work in person where you prefer
  • We understand your team and your customers because we are local
  • We employ people that work in your community
  • We are founded and run from Calgary, Alberta, with founders who grew up in British Columbia and Saskatchewan and employees with roots in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and B.C.

Cultivating Connections

We will be there to support you in your NetSuite journey and as a business, including connecting you to the affiliates and help you need. Whether it’s Third-Party solutions that we trust and have worked with or partners you need in other areas of your business, we are always willing to assist and make recommendations and referrals.

Amplifying Opportunities

Your growth and strategy matter to us because you are a local employer and a regional representative of the cities and areas we love. We want to help you grow and scale.

Having a team of people who care and work locally can improve an ERP implementation and make it successful. And you don’t pay more to have this opportunity. AmplifyTech is priced for Western Canadian small and medium businesses with competitive value-driven packages that match the needs of our clients. Working with us instead of directly with NetSuite gives you access tall that Oracle NetSuite provides while having a personal cost-competitive touch that reduces implementation risk. You’ll build trusted relationships with our team and you’ll have the confidence to know we invest in your success.

How is NetSuite Implemented

From our decades of experience as Business Leaders, CFOs, and Technology Experts, we have crafted a strategic methodology for NetSuite ERP implementations to get the project done on time and within budget.

Our approach has five essential stages:

1. Plan     2. Execute     3. Test     4. Go-Live     5. Support

AmplifyTech’s process is to understand your current system and build a strategic plan for you to go live with NetSuite with minimal errors and setbacks. AmplifyTech sets you up with a strong foundation with the functionality of the NetSuite modules we propose. NetSuite is the first Cloud-Based ERP system ever, and the “out of the box” functionality is head and shoulders above the competition so that you won’t be surprised with hidden costs.

Did you know that, on average, only 49% of ERP implementations get done on time?

What’s even worse is the number of implementations that fail.

We are not trying to scare you, but these are just the facts when companies implement an ERP implementation alone or with the wrong partner.

You’ll feel connected to this project.

You’ll know the status and risks, and successes of the project. Weekly status reports and regular check-ins are some of the ways we communicate.

No hidden fees, modules or customizations.

If applicable, we get pre-approval for all costs, and you’ll never have a surprise bill or charge from Amplify.

As a client of Amplify Advisors you’ve seen this already in working with us, and you can expect it to continue with AmplifyTech.

With your goals in mind, we are not just “yes” people, and you can expect us to act as part of your team, not just as an outsourced agent.

NetSuite Configuration versus Customization

All our clients must understand the difference between software configuration versus customization.

Configuration requires modifying the NetSuite system and does not incur a high cost. We’ve often built the hours required into our scope and estimated project hours.

Customization involves writing code, creating new processes or functionality in NetSuite. We will include it in our proposal and provide an apparent and separate item if we propose customization work.

  • Part of our experience is to make you aware of any unexpected configuration or recommended customization costs before they happen, so you are not hit with any hidden fees.
  • The Implementation Pricing section of this proposal outlines all of our current recommendations and expected configuration hours.

We have a great Team ready to work with you in collaboration with your business. Our team ensures that business leadership, change management, and project management are available to you. We know that a project like this is disruptive and there will be challenges, but AmplifyTech will make the disruption positive. We want you to look back at the implementation experience and consider it:

  • Transformational
  • An opportunity to level up
  • Exciting
  • Inspiring
  • Aligned with your strategy
  • A business project
  • And the step you needed to take to scale

It isn’t to manage change to keep things simple and achieve positive disruption. Communication is foundational and we leverage our values, tech expertise, business leadership and processes to support the project and your team.

Partners that are not focused on the experience being a positive disruption, or those who pretend that it won’t be a lot of hard work, often complete projects that leave people feeling:

• Frustrated     • Confused     • Disappointed     • Regretful

Failed EPR projects can result in negative disruption and missed expectations.

Unlike other implementation teams that focus on IT and are made up of project managers and technology experts only, we have a diverse skill set to leverage. As business owners, as business leaders, and as leaders in operations, finance, sales, marketing, and technology, we have walked in your shoes. Implementations are big projects and we know that our job is to make it easy. While still prioritizing the technical skillsets and Client Experience, we bring more than your typical partner. Our team can collaborate and leverage the larger Amplify Advisors team at any point in the project.

Implementation Stage Details


The planning stage will ultimately set up the details and implementation schedule, which is essential to the success of the implementation. The core activities and deliverables involved are:

  • Kick-Off Calls
  • Project Plan
  • Process Work Shops
  • Current State Process Flows
  • Project Management
  • Technology Road Map


Installation, configuration, and personalization are the key activities led by our implementation consultants to prepare NetSuite with your team. The core activities and deliverables included are:

  • Configuration and Setup
  • Project Management
  • Data Migration
  • Data Migration Templates
  • Personalization Sessions
  • Bundle Install
  • Full System Configuration
  • User Training Plan
  • Technology Road Map


AmplifyTech will ensure there are no significant kinks in your new system before we go live. There are two walk-throughs before you can go live. The core activities and deliverables included are:

  • Project Management
  • Process Area Walkthrough One
  • Process Area Walkthrough Two
  • Data Migration
  • Data Migration Templates
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • User Training Plan
  • Technology Road Map


AmplifyTech’s process of moving over from your old system to your new one includes final data migration and then your team starts to operate in NetSuite. The core activities and deliverables included are:

  • Project Management
  • Data Migration
  • Data Migration Templates
  • Go Live Checklist
  • Technology Road Map
  • Product Back Log


Our implementation team will continue to support activities for one month after go-live. The core activities and deliverables included are:

  • Transition to support
  • Project Closure

NetSuite Implementation Challenges and Common Mistakes

We have worked as system selection consultants, integration and implementation advisors, and executives in all types of business projects. Here are some of the challenges and mistakes that we frequently hear. 


What is the most common reason for a failed implementation?

There are many different reasons, but if we were to identify the most common, it would likely be a misalignment between expectations and what the team ends up with at the end of the project. Why is there often a misalignment between expectations and the implementation?

Picture this:

You have a charming salesperson complimenting your business. They are asking you questions and making you feel like your business is the most exciting and opportunistic that they’ve seen. 

You book a demo. The salesperson shows you the best of the project. They fly around the screen and everything seems slick, and it looks easy. And you are amazed that software solves some of the problems they presented. You ask for a proposal, and the quoted costs are reasonable.

How does AmplifyTech run projects that meet expectations?

  • We invest in a deep understanding of your current state during our sales process and continue that into our planning phase. We make recommendations for adjustments and changes that will allow you to leverage NetSuite’s industry best practices. We help identify where configuration, customization, or integration makes sense.

  • We validate our understanding of your priorities and your pain points throughout the sales process and we revisit them during the project. We know you are a growing business, which means your nimble operations can change your focus. We work with you to stay in tune with your strategy and growth.

  • AmplifyTech does not demo functions that we aren’t recommending or exploring. If any, you will know what parts of the demo are not included in the price. We build the proposal in collaboration with you so that by the time we are working through detailed pricing, it is clear what phase one will include and what ‘nice to haves’ are expected to be put on the roadmap or tackled during phase two.

You’ve moved fast, so you are making a lot of assumptions, like:

  • The proposed system can take over your current state
    • Those areas working well in your current system will slide into the new technology unchanged and uninterrupted
  • The pain points you want to solve are priced and included, and will actually be solved after the implementation
  • The excellent functions you saw on the demo and googled afterwards to learn more are part of the system you bought

But here’s the thing:
Most of the assumptions above are not confirmed. And most implementation partners, including those focused on NetSuite and NetSuite Direct, want an efficient sales close. They have a goal to win you over with minimal needs assessment. Once you’ve signed they will upsell and add-on during the implementation’s design workshops.

How does NetSuite and AmplifyTech compare to other ERP solutions in pricing?

When a scaling business moves to an ERP they will find that AmplifyTech is priced competitively. We are not a low-cost solution provider as we focus on Client Experience. But, we are also not burdened with the high overhead of the big consulting shops or the service providers based in Vancouver and Toronto. We pace our efficiencies to our clients while not sacrificing value through Client Experience. NetSuite is also competitively priced. There are cases where a NetSuite proposed price can seem higher than the alternatives, but in most cases, that is a result of getting different functionality. So you’re not really comparing apples to apples.


How does AmplifyTech assist clients with best practices?

AmplifyTech runs all our engagements as business projects where growth and strategy anchor decisions and discussions.

  • Keeping the big picture and the business perspective in mind allows the project team to prioritize and invest in work that will significantly impact the organization.
  • Best practice can support strategic areas of the business and it can be necessary for organizations with compliance requirements in the United States or other public markets. By and large, management should reduce the cost of customizing and investing in best practices to specific objectives and areas because the return is not there.

  • We work with clients to find practical and scalable solutions. By leveraging NetSuite’s industry setups and their roles, we get a head-start. In some cases, best practices, customization, additional modules or integrations will be an investment for the company. In other situations, the correct answer is more straightforward and typical practice or the native ERP setup will work great and meet the team’s needs.
  • With AmplifyTech, you can expect to make these decisions proactively. You’ll understand the pros and cons of the different options. We don’t make assumptions and drive forward with our eye on the clock and in a rush to get things done.

How does AmplifyTech support cost considerations?

  • With our phased approach, companies can better control the cost of their ERP implementation. We work with you to select the modules and the build that suits your current state. Together we decide which recommendations are priorities for phase one and which ones are ‘nice to have’ for the roadmap. 

  • NetSuite is the #1 Cloud ERP, which means it grows with you. As an Oracle NetSuite Solutions Provider, we can help you understand the options available to you. Sometimes navigating IT costs and big companies like Oracle can be intimidating or complex. With AmplifyTech as a Solutions Provider, we simplify the process and help you compare choices.

  • We work with clients to find practical and scalable solutions. By leveraging NetSuite’s industry setups and their roles, we get a head-start. In some cases, best practices, customization, additional modules or integrations will be an investment for the company. In other situations, the correct answer is more straightforward and typical practice or the native ERP setup will work great and meet the team’s needs.
  • NetSuite is designed for businesses that want to scale. With a Cloud ERP like NetSuite, you can pay for the users you need and the modules you want. When you hire a bigger team, you can add them on as you grow. If you need more functionality, you can invest when you are ready. NetSuite is user-friendly and you don’t need an IT expert or a whole team dedicated to managing it the way you would with most ERPs. Team members can design many configurations and reports within accounting or operational roles. Reducing your overall IT budget is a reasonable goal with NetSuite, especially as a percentage of revenue or total costs.

How does AmplifyTech support change management?

AmplifyTech utilizes aspects of Agile to help keep the project nimble.


We take the best parts of our experience in Big 4 and international consulting firms to the growing businesses we serve. We know that small and medium businesses investing in scale, run lean teams.


We manage the project with this top of mind. Yet, we invest in communication, planning and proven project management to help companies change management. 


We design our projects to get people involved at the right time to train throughout the project and learn as they go. We also provide training as part of our projects.


We set up companies for change management success. Change management is part of our proven project and implementation.


There is still work to do though, including repetitive and constant internal communication, and full engagement throughout the undertaking.


But we work hard to minimize the disruption, respect the growth and strategy, and the scarcity of resources that can be the reality of teams.

Finally, NetSuite’s functionality and cost for what you get are always competitive with other ERPs or software. Yes, a move from Quickbooks or Xero will be an investment, but those general ledgers are not relative and aren’t designed for medium or large or scaling businesses.  An ERP will also cost more than Sage, Intaact or Great Plains or equivalent product operating as a general ledger accounting system. NetSuite is not just accounting software, unlike these legacy options.

NetSuite is proposed at the same level of modules, functionality, customization, IT support go-forward and configuration and reports it is generally more affordable than competing ERPs. It is always competitive.  Businesses must work with a partner like AmplifyTech that helps your decision-making and ensures you are comparing ‘apples to apples’.


We’ve heard of companies having to re-implement NetSuite. Why is that? With any ERP implementation or system there is a risk of challenges or even failures.

We have worked with clients on ‘rescue projects’ and that experience has helped us improve our implementation methodology. Teams can avoid ERP failures.

  • AmplifyTech puts business needs front and centre in the initial implementation
  • AmplifyTech approaches all engagements as a business project with a clear understanding of the organization’s strategy and growth plans built right into the plan

  • AmplifyTech listens and understands the needs of the team
  • We help clients with their data and process, so we don’t have a better platform with wrong inputs and information

50% of ERP implementations fail the first time around.

These failures can be:

  • Project recovery
  • Stalled go-live (for example, purchasing NetSuite and making no progress and remaining on a legacy system or using the bare minimum of NetSuite)

Choosing the Right NetSuite ERP Vendor

Here is the uncomfortable truth, the importance of which system you choose is insignificant compared to the risk of the wrong implementation partner.

What are the signs that your ERP Vendor is not a fit?

  • They have not asked questions about your overall business, including your strategy and growth
  • They do not work with the team members you assign and instead have direct communication to the ‘top dog’ or their perceived decision-maker
  • They introduce you to charming and ‘shiny’ salespeople, but they are not caring, curious or intelligent about the product
  • They build their team with outsourced people in different time zones
  • Their team is all technology people with no proven business experience outside of software solutions
  • They rush you through the sale
  • Their proposal is templated with no clear evidence of understanding you
  • They don’t do value planning with you, and their project plan skips over it
  • They don’t include training in their project proposal
  • They are not interested in working with you in an ongoing support function
  • You are unclear what you saw in the demo, what is in the quoted price and how they align
  • You are unclear on what is included versus the ‘nice to haves’ on the roadmap for a second phase
  • They do not acknowledge that the ERP they sell has weaknesses or customization requirements
  • They do not offer fixed pricing, no surprise billing, or preapproval of overage opportunities
  • There are signs that they see their value in the number of projects they’ve done and their logos
  • They are focused on licensing and implementation services without any related consulting, advisory, or support offerings

Here are some quick ways to choose the right NetSuite ERP vendor:

Do your research

Understand your vendors’ strategy, their why, and their values

Ask questions about their pricing

Inquire about overage on hours

Find out their process

Look at their testimonials

Inquire about their reputation

Understand their other services

Ask who is on the implementation team

Ensure they can meet your expectations

Some partners will be a better fit than others. The implementation process will drive your team’s success with the system going forward. In your ERP decision, prioritize the partner and the implementation.