NetSuite Consulting & Support Services

AmplifyTech™ makes life simple: easy implementation, easy growth, easy day-to-day use.

From execution by AmpliyTech to training and supporting your team, we will help you maximize the use of NetSuite to effectively scale your business.

Maximize Productivity

Understanding NetSuite‘s key features make employees and teams more proficient. That’s why AmplifyTech’s consultants will work directly with your team and within your system to solve your issues. We are not here to tell you the answers, and we will help you do the work. 

Western Canadian Local Support

As your local Canadian team, we offer in-person or online support anytime you need assistance. We troubleshoot business process issues, offer go-live support and on-demand service. We’re committed to answering your questions to resolve problems quickly and effectively. 

Client Experience

Our Client Experience is relationship-centric, and the foundation is our values. Our name represents the experience that our clients get. We want to amplify. As a NetSuite provider, we are focused on growth, sale, strategy, and leadership.

Why Choose

NetSuite ERP is an all-in-one cloud ERP and helps organizations like yours operate more efficiently by delivering core process automation and real-time insight into operational and financial performance.

NetSuite Consulting & Support Services

Enhance user adoption with continuous, unlimited access to on-demand learning. With NetSuite consulting and support services, companies can maximize productivity and strengthen long-term returns.

We’re Here for You

As your local team in western Canada, we prioritize your NetSuite experience and will assist you in navigating your current NetSuite setup to develop a clear path for business growth. Our consulting and support packages include a range of services such as:

new modules implementation

  • new module implementation
  • Third-party or SuiteApp integrations
  • creation of new reports & saved searches
  • setting up analytics, dashboards, and training (including onboarding training)
  • bulk data uploads
  • new workflows or automations
  • all configuration work
  • all customization work
  • and other new functionality or personal requests.

To learn more about our approach, talk to one of our representatives today.

NetSuite Training Services

We offer training classes and 1-on-1 options to help you develop the technical and business skills needed to scale your business on NetSuite ERP. Get the NetSuite training that your business needs to ensure that you are getting the most out of your ERP software.

  • Faster return on investment
  • Lower total cost of ownership 
  • Increased user adoption 
  • Maximized productivity
  • Faster time to value 
  • Self-sufficient administrator and users
  • Reduced implementation risk 
  • Strengthened long-term ownership 

Internal business process efficiency is just as critical as the technology you choose to power your organization. Our expert team of NetSuite consultants quickly identifies your areas of improvement and show you how to maximize the returns from your NetSuite cloud ERP solution. 

We care about your return on investment. We focus on designing your NetSuite solution for your business’ needs and objectives. Our team helps optimize the value of your NetSuite cloud ERP by ensuring business continuity while improving productivity. 

Through the NetSuite administrative layer, AmplifyTech can establish role-based, secure access to your business data to suit your business needs, whether working in remote teams or the office, to seamlessly collaborate with teams across the organization. 

We optimize NetSuite’s capabilities to bring you real-time reports and insights for more thoughtful and strategic decisions. Our expert cloud developers can create custom NetSuite solutions and enhance your system based on specific requirements. 

NetSuite Consulting & Support Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I know I need NetSuite Consulting Support?

If you’re struggling with managing your NetSuite system, experiencing errors or inefficiencies, or needing assistance with customization or optimization, you likely need help. We can provide expert guidance/execution on system setup, configuration, and customization, while also offering ongoing assistance with technical issues, training, and optimization.

How long does it Last?

Engagements can range from short-term projects lasting a few weeks to long-term engagements spanning several months, depending on the complexity and scope of the project. Support services are typically ongoing, with options for monthly or annual contracts that provide continuous assistance as needed.

What are the response times?

Response times can vary depending on the consulting and support package you choose, ranging from a few hours to a few days. Rest assured knowing we have the resources and team available for your specific needs.

Is onsite support available?

Client experience is our north-star at AmplifyTech. Therefore, if we have support located in your area, onsite services are available.

How much does it typically cost?

The cost of NetSuite consulting and support services varies depending on the scope of the project. Consulting services are priced on hourly rates, project-based fees, or retainer-based agreements, while support services are offered through monthly or annual contracts with recurring fees.

I already use NetSuite Support, Why do I need your support too?

Firstly, we aim to create a partnership with you rather than just a transactional relationship. With in-depth knowledge of business, NetSuite, and significant financial leadership experience across diverse industries, we are equipped to optimize your NetSuite system, and business so you can achieve maximum value from your investment.

Get Started in 4 Simple Steps

Step 1

Connect with our team to find out if AmplifyTech and NetSuite is right for you.

Step 2

Schedule a call to assess your business needs with our team.

Step 3

Participate in a customized demonstration to see your all-in-one business solution. 

Step 4

Partner with our team and get started with your ERP implementation.

Is Your Business Getting the Most Out of its NetSuite ERP Cloud Investment?

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The entire team at Amplify is amazing when it comes to NetSuite’s knowledge and support. They can answer any question and solve problems on the fly. Very impressed and will recommend them to anybody that needs NetSuite help.”

Adrian Ghira | Managing Partner and CEO | GamTech

Very knowledgeable and realistic, took the time to understand our organization and needs to assist with determining fit for purpose solutions.”

Elyse Colbert | MSP Corp | CFO
The team at Amplify was terrific to work with. They are professionals in every sense of the word. They are able to provide great insight into what our business needs were. Amplify knows what needs to be done and how to do it. I’m looking forward to working with them again in the future.
Jared Dougherty  | Controller | Black Earth
Amplify has been great with leading the implementation of NetSuite in our organization. Everyone on the team is super organized and extremely knowledgeable in their fields.”
Anonymous | VP of Operations
We have been working with Amplify for over a year now for financial services and we have also been on the NetSuite implementation journey with them for a few months now. Our team has been very happy with the implementation team, they are organized, on schedule, and find solutions to problems in a timely manner. We have heard before that the key to an ERP implementation is the implementation team and I believe we have found one of the best ones, Amplify Tech. I would definitely recommend them for NetSuite implementations!”
Anonymous | Ecommerce Retailer
Now that we have it up and running, it is clear that was a mistake. With NetSuite, we have access to the reports and data we need now. I now can run a report and see all my gross margins at all levels on demand. I have a report that tells me the source of every client and whether they found us through a referral, our website or another way. I can dig into my month-end reports to answer any question I have immediately. The ability of our team to focus on Client Experience is far more robust with NetSuite.”
Jamie L. Smith | Chief Experience Officer | AmplifyTech

Simplify Your Business with NetSuite

AmplifyTech develops your new approach for continuous improvement and optimized business processes. Get the most out of your NetSuite Cloud ERP.